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DAUGHTER  | Dir. Corey Deshon | 16mm
starring Casper Van Dien, Ian Alexander, Vivien Ngô, and Elyse Dinh
Yellow Veil Pi
ctures/Dark Star Pictures

"Daughter is a mesmerizing and beautifully dangerous cinematic experience. Incredibly layered and intricately planned, Daughter demonstrates an almost genius level of technical skill and visual flourishes." -- THN
""It looks incredible, too – shot in grainy 16mm...something that genuinely resembles the work of a different decade. Aesthetically and thematically, this is a film set in a bygone era." --
"Every visual aspect of Daughter contributes to the story and the ideas the film explores...Each frame of Daughter seems to have been cautiously planned and executed to serve Deshon's nerve-wracking social experiment." -- Collider 


orlando laurels_edited.jpg

PAULIE GO!  | Dir. Andrew Nackman
starring Ethan Dizon, Madison Wolfe, Bernard White, and David Thune
1091 Productions, Tait Productions, Karmantra Entertainment


UNCONFORMITY  | Dir. Jonathan DiMaio
starring Jack Mulhern, Jeremy Holm, and Alex Oliver
Indie Rights

"Hana Kitasei's cinematography takes advantage of the whole frame, emphasizing the vastness of the space,
with Alex sometimes looking like a tiny ant against the desert's plateaus. In interiors, she looms larger, but against almost nothing, with the academic spaces overwhelmingly white-walled and devoid of other interesting objects. Nick's world is more interesting in that way - his house and local bar like cozy caves in which to briefly retreat from the great wide open." -- 


END OF SUMMER | Dir. Serena Kuo
Official Selection: PIFF,  New York Short Film Festival, IndieWorks, among others

>>full film

ADÉ | Dir. Marques Green | 35mm


MEET CUTE | Dir. Ben Smith & Megan McDonnell

starring Juno Temple and Jon Bass

featured on

>>full film (vimeo staff pick)

THE UNBORN | Dir. Tal Lazar
Freestyle Digital Media, Mila Dark
Official Selection: Shriekfest (Best Horror


MOMMA | Dir. Corey Aumiller
Official Selection: Cleveland International Film Festival


Strong Independent Women | Dir. Jennette McCurdy
starring Maria Bamford (Lady Dynamite) and Addison Riecke (The Beguiled)
Official Selection: LA Live Film Festival 2019, DMOFF, among many others
>>full film

GRAND OPENING | Dir. Timothy Reckart (The Star, Head Over Heels) | 35mm
Official Selection: Heartland Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Riverrun International Film Festival
>>full film


KENNY | Dir. Jennette McCurdy
featured on, the Hollywood Reporter, and nominated for Best Short at 2019 Florida Film Festival
>>full film

GRETA | Dir. Jennifer Lim

>>full film

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